Discussion question #1 on The Silent War in the Church Part 18a

Is the church described in Acts 2:42-47 a “pie in the sky” version of the  church that cannot happen in the world today?  Please explain your answer.

My answer to discussion question #1 on Part 18a

It is possible today for the following reasons:  (1) We have today the same resources that the early Christians had.  The Holy Spirit also dwells in us.  We also have the “apostles’ teaching.”  (2) Both they lived and we live in a pagan world.  All that is necessary is for us to also be devoted to the “apostles’ teaching,” “fellowship,” “prayer,’ and giving to each other in love.  If we follow their pattern, we also will mature in our faith and in our walk with God as they did.

Discussion question #2 on The Silent War in the Church Part 18b

What can we do today so that we will have  a church that is like the one described in Acts 2:42-47?

My answer to discussion question Part 18a

The early church met in large groups and small groups.  Many today do not meet in small groups.  Also, our modern church members are often not devoted to learning the bible, to Christian fellowship, to praying together, and to giving to each other in sacrificial love to the same degree the church of Acts 2:42-47 was devoted to these practices.  This can change, but it requires that we wholeheartedly develop the same type of devotion that this early church had.  We need to do some heart-searching to determine what needs to change in us so that we also will have their type of devotion to seeking God and his ways.

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