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Diagram 1

I. The Beginnings (Gen. 1-11) (Key Verse: Gen 3:15)
    A. The Creation (1,2) - God creates everything good
    B. The Fall (3) - Man chooses evil over good
    C. The Flood (4-10) - Man's evil must be removed
    D. Babel (11) - Man's prideful climb is delayed

Diagram 2

II. The Fathers (Gen. 12-50) (Key verses: Gen 12:1-3; Gen 49:10)
     A. Abraham - the Father of the covenant promise
     B. Isaac - the beginning of the promise
     C. Jacob (Israel) - the Father of the twelve tribes of Israel
     D. Joseph - the rejected one becomes a ruler

III. The Exodus (Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy)
     A. Moses - God's chosen man (Exodus 1-18) (Key verse: Ex 12:7,13)
     B. Israel - God's chosen nation (Exodus 19-40; Leviticus)
          (Key verse: Lev 17:11)
     C. Israel - God's disciplined nation (Numbers) (Key verse: Numb 9:12)
     D. Israel God's purified nation (Deuteronomy)
          (Key verse: Deut 18:18, 19)

IV. The Conquest of Canaan (Joshua) (Key verse: Josh 2:18)

 V.  Judges (Judges and Ruth) (Sin, Servitude, Supplication, and Savior)

Diagram 3

VI. The United Kingdom (I Samuel; II Samuel; I Kings 1-11; I Chronicles

       A. Samuel (Israel's last judge)
       B. Saul (Israel's first king) (A king after man's heart)
       C. David (God's first king) (A king after God's heart)
            (Key verse: II Sam 7:16)
       D. Solomon (Israel's most prosperous king) (A king with a divided heart)

VII. The Divided Kingdom (I Kings 12-22; II Kings 1-17; II Chronicles
        10-28; Obadiah;
Joel; Jonah; Amos; Hosea) (Key Verse: Matt 12:40)
        A. Israel - the Northern Kingdom (began by Jeroboam)
        B. Judah - the Southern Kingdom (began by Rehoboam)
        C. Ahab and Jezebel
        D. Elijah and Elisha

VIII. The Surviving Kingdom (II Kings 18-25; II Chron. 29-36; Isaiah;
        Micah; Nahum;
Jeremiah; Lamentations; Zephaniah; Habakkuk)
        A. Hezekiah and Isaiah (Key verses: Isa 7:14, 9:6,7, 53, Mic 5:2)
        B. Manasseh
        C. Josiah
        D. Jeremiah and the Fall of Jerusalem (Key verses: Jer 31:31-34)

IX. The Babylonian Captivity (Jeremiah 40-52; Daniel; Ezekiel)
            (Key verses: Dan 9:25,26)

X. The Restoration (Ezra; Nehemiah; Esther; Zechariah; Haggai; Malachi)
        A. Return #1 (Ezra 1-6) (Zerubbabel and Joshua)
        B. Story of Esther
        C. Return #2 (Ezra 7-10) (Ezra)
        D. Return #3 (Nehemiah 1-13) (Nehemiah)
             (Key verses: Zech 9:9, 11:12,13; 12:10; Mal 4:5,6)     


by Ray Stedman; BIBLE OVERVIEW by Rose Publishing; 30 DAYS TO UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE Max Anders

ASSIGNMENT:  Be prepared to reproduce the three charts and briefly explain