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JOHN 7:53-8:11 AND MARK 16:9-20

John 7:53-811?

1. Absent from almost all of the earliest manuscripts.
2. In manuscripts in which it is contained, it is, according to Leon Morris, located     at John 7:36, John 7:44, John 21:25, and after Luke 21:38.
3. John 7:52 and John 8:12 flow together.
4. There are many variants in this section, indicating, possibly, that the copyists     were not as careful with it.
5. Most of the early Christian writers do not mention it.

1. Jerome included it in the Latin Vulgate in the fourth century.
2. Eusebius says that Papias, a disciple of the Apostle John talked about it     around 100 AD.
3. It is in all the later manuscripts.
4. It harmonizes with John 8:15.
5. Ambrose and Augustine in the later fourth and early fifth century said that it     was removed from the Bible because it seemed to condone adultery.
6. It explains where Jesus was in 8:12.
7. Chapters 3-9 start with a story: 3 - Nicodemus, 4 - woman at the well, 5-     healing of paralytic, 6 - feeding of the 5000 & walking on water, 7 - Jesus and     His brothers, 8 - woman caught in adultery, 9 - healing of blind man.

Mark 16:9-20?

1. Not in all early manuscripts
2. Some manuscripts have critical marks like asterisks, indicating that the     scribes knew that it was questionable.
3. The earliest manuscripts ended at Mark 6:8.
4. In 16:12 - Jesus said to appear in a "different form." to two disciples.  In     16:14, Jesus scolds disciple for not believing He resurrected (the only incident     of this after resurrection).  In 16:16, baptism appears to be necessary for     salvation.  In 16:17,18, it says that certain miraculous signs will accompany     all believers.
5. According to Barclay, the style of the Greek is different in Mark 6:9-20.

1. It does not seem that Mark ends at Mark 16:8.
2. The majority of manuscripts contain Mark 6:9-20.
3. The Gospel of Mark would end with "they were afraid."
4. According to Guthrie, Irenaeus regarded them as part of Mark's Gospel.