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1. 400 Silent Years
            S_______________    (II Kings 17:24-41; Nehemiah 4, John 4)
            S_______________    (Acts 13:15)
                        P_____________  S_____________  E_____________
                        H_____________  Z_____________

2. The Gospels

            Matthew - Jesus as K____________  (To J____________)  (Synoptic)
            Mark - Jesus as S____________  (To R____________)  (Synoptic)
            Luke - Jesus as S________ of ________  (To G__________)  (Synoptic)
            John - Jesus as S________ of ________  (To C__________)

3. Acts (Acts 1:8)
            Jerusalem (1-7) (6:7) (Apostles and Stephen)
            Judea and Samaria (8-12) (8:1,4) (Phillip, Paul, Barnabas, and Peter)
                    Saul's conversion (Paul) (9); Gentiles (10); Antioch (11)
            Ends of the Earth (13-28)
                    Paul's 3 Missionary journeys (13-20)

                             #1 (13,14) Galatia - Paul, Barnabas and Mark
                                       Galatians written from Antioch
                             Jerusalem Council (15)
                             #2 (15:36-18:22) Galatia, Macedonia and Greece - Paul,
                                  Silas, and Timothy
                                       I & II Thessalonians written from Corinth
                             #3 (18:23-20:38) Galatia, Ephesus, Macedonia, and Greece,
                                  and Ephesus - Paul and others
                                       I Corinthians from Ephesus; II Corinthians from
                                       Macedonia, Romans from Corinth

            Paul's Prison Journey (21-28)
                        The Trials
                                    Before the Jews (21-23)
                                    Before Felix (24)
                                    Before Festus (25:1-12)
                                    Before Agrippa (25:13-26:32)
                        First Imprisonment (27,28)
                                    Journey to Rome (27:1-28:10)
                                    In Rome (28:11-31)
                        Ephesians, Colossians, and Philemon written from jail

            Freedom from bonds
                        I Timothy written from Macedonia to Timothy in Ephesus;
from Asia Minor to Titus in Crete; I Peter by Peter from                         Babylon (may be symbolic for Rome); II Peter

            Second Imprisonment
                        II Timothy from prison, Hebrews; Jude

            After Paul's death
                        I, II, III John; Revelation


   ROMANS - Defense of the Gospel of grace
   I CORINTHIANS - Carnal verses Spiritual Christianity
   II CORINTHIANS - Paul's authentic Christianity
   GALATIANS - Free from the law
   EPHESIANS - God's plan for the Church
   COLOSSIANS - Complete in Christ
   PHILIPPIANS - Rejoice always
   I & II THESSALONIANS - Encouragement for new Christians
   I TIMOTHY - God's order for the Church
   II TIMOTHY - Passing on the baton
   TITUS - Doing good in a bad world
   PHILEMON - Paul's godly persuasion
   HEBREWS - New Testament reality replaces Old Testament symbolism
   JAMES - From double-minded to single-minded Christianity
   I PETER - Walking the path of a stranger to this world
   II PETER - Some God will welcome, some He will judge
   I JOHN - How we can know we have eternal life
   II JOHN - What to welcome, what to reject
   III JOHN - Who to welcome, who to reject
   JUDE - Contend for the faith
   REVELATION - Revelation of the glorified Jesus Christ

RESOURCES:  EXPLORE THE BOOK by Sidlow Baxter; A GUIDE TO THE GOSPELS                      by Scroggie; BETWEEN THE TESTAMENTS by Pfieffer;                      CHRONOLOGICAL AND BACKGROUND CHARTS OF THE NEW                      TESTAMENT by H. Wayne House

ASSIGNMENT:  Read Jude, III John, or Philemon.  Do you agree or disagree with                        my theme for that book and why?