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1. Comfort Zone
    What keeps you from leaving your comfort zone?

    How can I leave my comfort zone?

                     Romans 1:14 -
                     1:15 -
                     1:16 -

2. Natural Contacts
    What can limit our natural contacts?

    Where do we find our natural contacts? (Matt 4:19)

3. Build relationships
    What hinders us from beginning relationships?

    How can we build relationships?  Become other-focused (I Cor 9:19-23)

4. Transition to the spiritual
    An Example (Jn 4:10-12)

5. Develop spiritually-oriented relationships
    Be sensitive to their receptivity and respond appropriately (Example: 2     questions)

    Give biblical foundations: Because many do not understand the Bible today,         Christian training is essential.

6. Present Gospel
    Master a Gospel presentation (I Cor 15:1-4; Acts 16:30,31)
    "Present the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and leave the results to     God."
        Bill Bright



1. What would you want someone to know immediately after they accept Christ?

2. How would you follow up a new Christian?
3. What would you set as long-term Discipleship goals?

RESOURCES: HOW TO GIVE AWAY YOUR FAITH by Little; OUT OF THE SALTSHAKER by Pippert; WHAT'S GONE WRONG WITH THE HARVEST by Engel and Norton; books on evangelism by Bill Bright; GENTLE PERSUASION by Aldrich

ASSIGNMENT: Go over each of the six steps and answer the following questions: (1) How motivated are you to reach people with the Gospel message?  (2) What are some natural contacts that you have?  (3) What relationships are you developing with non-Christians right now?  (4) Which non-Christians have you begun to talk with about spiritual matters?  (5) Do you know any non-Christians you might invite to a Christian activity or give Christian literature to?  (6) How many have you shared the Gospel with this last year?