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1. Methods that give the impression that miracles are occurring: vibrating touch when praying for someone, vibrators used under the stage during healings, hidden radio transmissions, access to personal information about people in the audience without their knowledge (then say that God is revealing it to you), putting people in wheel chairs who really do not need them (then have them jump out of the wheel chair), speak of miracles that cannot be verified (out in TV audience, invisible miracles (allergies, arthritis, etc.), slaying of the Spirit (power of mass suggestion), take the serious cases to a room by themselves and then not call them,….

2. The use of a magic formula (God will heal and prosper if you use the magic formula): seed faith ("have a need, plant a seed" – give financially to their ministry and God will meet your need), use certain words (like "come Holy Spirit"), positive and negative confession, get slain by the Spirit, touch the TV set (a "point of contact"), …

3. Create an altered state of consciousness:  extreme repetition of music, hypnotic rhythmic beat, music and beat much louder than singing, rhythmic preaching to control emotions, a focus on emotions, encouraging mass tongues' speaking, discourage thinking (rational thoughts),….

4. Some story of God having spoken uniquely to them or of experiencing some miracle: visited hell and/or heaven, God regularly speaks to you in an audible voice, raised from the dead,….

5. Develop a theatrical style: very emotional, very physically expressive, very dramatic (throwing things, etc),….

6. Blame lack of healings on ill person's lack of faith (then, never the fault of the healer)

7. Anyone who challenges you, say that they are quenching the Spirit or blaspheming the Spirit.