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                                   LIFE OF CHRIST

With God's life, we can go from selfish-life to Christ's life.

1. Imagine your life without Christ being like a lamp that is not plugged in.  Can you remember when you felt powerless to change in this way?

2. Listen to Watchman Nee's words about the Holy Spirit who is in you:

"Do you know, my friends, that the Spirit within you is very God?  Oh that our eyes were opened to see the greatness of God's gift!  Oh that we might realize the vastness of the resources secreted in our own hearts!  I could shout with joy as I think, 'The Spirit who dwells within me is no mere influence, but a living Person; He is very God.  The infinite God is within my heart!'  I am at a loss to convey to you the blessedness of this discovery, that the Holy Spirit dwelling within my heart is a Person.  I can only repeat: 'He is a Person!' and repeat it again: 'He is a Person!' and repeat it again: 'He is a Person!'  Oh, my friends, I would fain repeat it to you a hundred times---The Spirit of God within me is a Person!  I am only an earthen vessel, but in that earthen vessel I carry a treasure of unspeakable worth, even the Lord of glory.  All the worry and fret of God's children would end if their eyes were opened to see the greatness of the treasure hid in their hearts.  Do you know, there are resources enough in your own heart to meet the demand of every circumstance in which you will ever find yourself?  Do you know there is power enough there to move the city in which you life?  Do you know there is power enough to shake the universe?  Let me tell you once more---I say it with the utmost reverence:  You who have been born again of the Spirit of God---you carry God in your heart!"

3. How have these words helped you?  How does Philippians 4:13 help you?


Philippians 4:13 – "I can do everything through him who gives me strength."

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